Credentialing 101

Now that you have the job, the next step will be the Credentialing Process. If you have been through it you know what to expect. If you haven’t been through it, it will be an eye opener! There is a trick to it and we are going to tell you what it is.  The Mystery […]

Licensing and Privileges

Now – you’re in the home stretch. You made a plan. You applied and you interviewed. You negotiated, then signed a contract. You got THE JOB! Congratulations!! So now your to-do list looks like this: Buy a house Move Get the kids in school Get a license in the new state Get privileges at the […]

Sneak Peek: A Day In The Life

Fellowship provides a lot of great insight, but what does clinical practice look like in other locations or settings? MLS and our network of physicians can assist with some of your questions. Please fill out the form so we can target the best experienced physician to answer your exact questions Questions For a more general […]

SullivanCotter Physician Compensation and Benefits Survey 2020

MLS Good Call has procured compensation data from the SullivanCotter 2020 Physician Compensation and Benefits Survey*. Their surveys are widely used by US healthcare entities for establishing physician salaries. We have taken the data and extracted the most important and pertinent information for you – a fellow entering the medical workforce. Compensation & Productivity The following […]