Client Agreement

This Good Call Network Finder’s Fee Agreement is entered into on this date between your company and Moonlighting Solutions, LLC (hereafter, “MLS”).

MLS would like to introduce you to highly qualified, experienced physician candidates with confirmed interest in joining your healthcare provider team on a permanent basis, as a service to facilitate placements for outstanding moonlighters who have proven themselves working with our team and our clients.

Customers can request a full profile and consultation with MLS for any candidates of interest, after which you may connect directly with the referred physician candidates for all potential employment discussions.

The selection, evaluation, and hiring process is entirely yours following the introduction.

There are no upfront, setup, or introduction fees – fees only apply to introductions that lead to employment via your standard hiring practices.

By signing below, you agree to notify MLS when your organization makes an employment offer to one of our Network- selected candidates referred to you via a Good Call Network introduction. You agree to pay MLS a discounted finder’s fee of $4995 for each such candidate hired by you, either as an employee or independent contractor. This discounted fee is only for Good Call Network new introductions.  The finder’s fee will be invoiced electronically upon acceptance of your offer by the referred physician and will be due 15 days from the invoice date.

You agree to keep confidential the identity of physicians referred by MLS through a Good Call Network introduction.

MLS has a unique and well-qualified network of physicians and fellows.

The selected physician candidates have authorized us to share their information with your organization.
Please do not pass it along to other contacts or organizations of any type without written permission from MLS.

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