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Founder and CEO Dan Bensimhon, MD is a full-time cardiologist and heart failure specialist practicing in North Carolina. Dr. Bensimhon’s passion for physician moonlighting and the benefits it provides to physicians and hospitals grew from his own personal experience as a young, new physician.

He realized moonlighting’s significant impact on his career and family, and the positive impact on the hospitals and patients where he moonlighted.

We’ve got you covered.

With years of experience in the healthcare industry, the MLS Leadership team is focused on meeting the challenge of providing the coverage and services your facility requires.

Dan Bensimhon, MD

Founder & CEO

Carrie Cotter, MHA

Chief Operating and Financial Officer

Heather Davis Benson, CPA

Vice President, Financial Services

Mike Guenther

Vice President, Key Accounts

Jenny Vyenielo

Vice President, Client Services


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Whether you are a physician interested in working as a moonlighter, or you’re a healthcare administrator in need of call coverage for your department, our team of dedicated healthcare associates is here for you.

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