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The Good Call Network is all about sharing knowledge and connections so you can get where you want to go.

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How it Works

As a physician-owned company, we understand the hurdles you could face as you navigate the business side of medicine –
this is our solution to help you feel confident in the pursuit of your ideal job.

The Good Call Network is the new approach to sharing knowledge and connections, only offered by MLS

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Login and review our library of articles with up-to-date information by topic or timeline to identify your practice criteria, locations, compensation details, and much more...

Make Connections

Get connected with experienced physician moonlighters and alumni, and healthcare industry professionals to answer your questions about the business side of medicine, searching for jobs and the best way to present yourself, like having an amazing CV…

Get the Job

When the time comes, you can utilize our national Employer Network to pursue your ideal permanent job – the network includes MLS clients, moonlighter alumni, and friends of our CEO Dr. Dan.

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Benefits for Physicians

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It's made exclusively for you

This portal is only available to moonlighters in GME training, so we can answer all your questions!

It's a convenient resource

We'll connect you with curated information and a forum. We'll bring you the best, most current data on the business side of medicine.

It's a professional network

As we learn more about your career interests, we'll connect you with clients in our network, with your approval

It's FREE without obligations

There is no cost to you and no contract. Use the portal as you need.

Our Reviews

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Electrophysiology Fellow

Thank you again for all that you have invested in my next steps. I want to let you know that the Good Call portal was EXTREMELY helpful to me. I read nearly all of the articles, which were very informative in helping me to navigate my expectations for EP jobs

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Hematology Oncology Fellow

As a fellow in training, we do not get much information on the business side of medicine and all of this is quite new to us. This portal provided a step by step guide of what we should expect and at which point in our job search. The added links/articles and data were extremely helpful.

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Cardiology Fellow

I love, love, LOVE that one of the focuses is on the business side of medicine. It's an aspect of medicine that we seldom ever talk about and one that is quite intimidating. Overall, I'm super impressed! One at the effort and detail put into this. And two, that it is actually insanely helpful.

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