User Guide

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How do I edit my profile?

Having a complete profile enables employers to gain a better understanding of your education, experience and career goals. We recommend keeping your profile up to date.


  1. Simply go to your portal page and click on UPDATE MY PROFILE



2. click on the SETTINGS ICON Goodcall settings(on right) and select EDIT PROFILE



3. Update your profile and SAVE

Goodcall save

Is my information visible to anyone?

Your profile (portal page, contact information, personal page, profile photo)is NOT visible to anyone UNLESS you grant permission to specific people.


How do Employers See My Profile?

Employers have access to a directory which contains a list of fellows. The only information visible to employers is your meta data(GoodCall ID, Specialty etc)

In order for an employer to view your profile, they have to request access.


You will receive and email when someone requests  access to your profile. You have the option to accept or reject the access request.


The exceptions to this rule is if you apply for a job.  By applying for a job, your profile will be visible to the specific employer.

How Do I Give Access To My Profile?

When an employer requests access to your profile, you will receive and email with a link to approve or reject the access request. 

If you apply for a job,  your profile will automatically  be visible to that specific employer. 

How do I revoke someones access to my profile?

  1. Login to your portal

  2. Select Update Profile

  3. Select Settings then Edit Profile

  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select the profile you wish to delete then click Update Profile